International Journal of Biology Research

ISSN: 2455-6548

Vol. 1, Issue 1 (2016)

Assessment on resistant ability of streptococcus mutans on minimum inhibitory concentration and acid tolerance

Author(s): S Karikalan, A Mohankumar
Abstract: Tooth decay is a most dangerous disease compare than other diseases. It leads to endocarditis and finally resulted death in most of the human beings. The major oral and dental diseases found in Indian population are tooth decay and periodontal diseases. This disease exerts a social, physical, mental and financial burden on global scale, with developing countries being the most affected. Streptococcus mutans is a causative agent for tooth decay disease. It makes colonization on the tooth surface in the oral cavity and it called as biofilm. Many antibacterial agents are available for eradicating the biofilm but not completely inhibited, Because of the resistant character of this pathogenic bacteria. There are many activities are reasonable for this resistance ability. The most important characters are activating the tooth decay mechanism such as Acid adaptation and Minimal inhibitory concentration that characters showed resistant ability in this study. All the samples were collected in and around Tirupur, Tamilnadu. Only selective isolates were performed in the minimal inhibitory concentration and Acid adaptation test. Both tests were confirmed that S. mutans isolates were resistant pathogens. All the tested isolates exhibited resistant characters and required innovative antibiotics against this pathogenic bacterium to prevent tooth decay disease.
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