International Journal of Biology Research

ISSN: 2455-6548

Vol. 2, Issue 2 (2017)

Studies of physicochemical and bacteriological characteristics of Bansagar Lake Shahdol (M.P.)

Author(s): Dr. Bramhanand Shukla, Dr. Nidhi Upadhyay
Abstract: The piece of investigation is carried out to study the water quality and suitability of Bansagar Lake, Shahdol for irrigation and drinking purpose. This study is done during 2015-16 to assess seasonal variations in the water of the lake by observing different physicochemical and microbiological parameters viz. temperature, pH, total hardness, total dissolved solids, dissolved oxygen, biological oxygen demand, free CO2, alkalinity, chloride, nitrate, SPC, TCC, and FCC in different seasons of the year. Out of them DO, BOD, Free CO2, SPC, TCC and FCC were found to be very much greater than the amount recommended by WHO and ISI for drinking water. Some parameters viz. temperature, pH, Total hardness, and total dissolved solids were found within the optimal range. Hence, it can concluded that Bansagar Lake is gradually tending towards eutrophication which leads to the lake water very unsafe for drinking, irrigation and fishery purposes can be used.
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