International Journal of Biology Research

ISSN: 2455-6548

Vol. 2, Issue 4 (2017)

Documentation of ethno-medicinal plants used by tribes of Mandla district (M.P) (India) for the treatment of keratinophilic infections

Author(s): Javed Iqbal
Abstract: The study was mainly focused on documentation of medicinal plants used by Baiga, Gond, Bhariya and Kol tribes located in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh. These folk healers have inherited the art of curing the patient for skin/fungal diseases by using medicinal plant preparations found in forest ecosystem around their tribal localities. These healers know the properties of large number preparations used to cure skin diseases, which needs to be documented and scientifically examined for cure of ailment. These plants were cross-checked with available literature to know the significance of this tribe on medicinal knowledge. A total of thirty species belonging to twenty one families of angiospermic plants were documented. The habit wise distribution of the documented plants include nine species of trees, four species of shrubs, fourteen species of herbs and two species of climbers. The documented information revealed that 34 medicinal formulation used by tribes of Mandla district for skin diseases treatment. Out of these use of leaves was (39.0%) followed by bark (17.0 %), fruit (14.6%), root (12.1%) seeds (12.1%), whole plant (2.4%) and flower (2.4%). The common use of root and leaf in the preparation of remedies could partly be due to the relative ease of finding these parts. Leaves remain green and available in plenty for the most of the months throughout the years. From this study, we conclude that the preparation and dosage of the medicines by Baiga, Gond, Bhariya and Kol tribes of this area is unique.
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