International Journal of Biology Research

ISSN: 2455-6548

Vol. 3, Issue 1 (2018)

DNA divergence and conservational measures of fish fauna in Lake Kolleru based on partial Cytochrome Oxidase I (COI) sequences

Author(s): Gatreddi Srinu
Abstract: Lake Kolleru is one of the largest fresh water lakes in India and the only RAMSAR site of Andhra Pradesh. Due to several anthropogenic activities, it is currently experiencing an alarming decline in fish biodiversity and many fishes were categorized as threatened. This emphasizes an immediate need for initiating research based on advanced molecular tools instead of traditional methods. In this study, biodiversity of fish fauna in lake Kolleru has been documented along with their changing patterns based on various studies. To evaluate the taxonomic status of Kolleru fishes and to compare them with their counterparts across India, Cytochrome Oxidase I (COI) based analysis was done for 15 genes available in NCBI GenBank. In total 137 sequences were analyzed. The COI barcodes clearly distinguished all the fish species with high inter-specific genetic distance values than intra-specific values based on K2P (Kimura 2 Parameter) model. In accordance to K2P model, the average genetic distance within species, Genus, Family and order was 0.16%, 2.45%, 5.30%, and 13.71% respectively. In addition to COI divergence estimation, four nucleotide compositions and GC content at three codon positions were calculated and compared with other retrieved COI sequences of different geological regions of the country. In conclusion, emphasis was given to conservational aspects of Lake Kolleru.
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