International Journal of Biology Research
International Journal of Biology Research
Vol. 5, Issue 3 (2020)

Stomach content analysis of snake headed fish Channa Marulius (Hamiliton) from Rapti river of Balrampur, U.P., India

Sadguru Prakash, Ashok Kumar

The quality and quantity of available food in a particular aquatic environment affect the growth of fish. Present study is an attempt to investigate the food and feeding habit of snake headed fish, Channa marulius (Hamiliton). The stomach content analysis adult fish showed various types of food items such as crustacean, insects, molluscan, fishes, plant matter and dead organic matter but the quantity of animal origin matter is higher than plant origin matter. The quantitative analysis of gut content shows that about 77% animal origin matter present in the gut of Channa marulius. The result of the present study indicated that adults Channa marulius is a carnivorous fish and it feeds mainly on small fishes, molluscans, aquatic insects and crustaceans.
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