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The enzyme activity of Glucose—6-Phosphate dehydrogenase in avian parasite Neokrimia Singhia (Cestode)
Pages: 01-02  
Ameloblastic Carcinoma
Pages: 03-04  
CTX-M-15 Extended-Spectrum-Β-Lactamase among Clinical Isolates of Enterobacteriaceae in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Pages: 05-08  
A topological model of negative biofeedback on breast cancer by PALB2 gene
Pages: 09-12  
Assessment of mycoflora associated with spoilage of some common fruits at Shahdol (M.P.)
Pages: 13-15  
Anti bacterial activity of root extract of Biophytum sensitivum (L.) DC
Pages: 16-19  
Qualitative Phytochemical Analysis of Gomphrena globosa Linn. and Gomphrena decumbens Jacq.
Pages: 20-22  
Effects of various AMF and Bacillus pumilus strain NBRC 12092 on Ocimum basilicum grown under salinity stress
Pages: 23-26  
Alteration in total antioxidant capacity of plasma in alcohol consuming COPD patients
Pages: 27-28  
Phytochemical analysis and antimicrobial activity of Nerium oleander L.
Pages: 29-32  
Pesticide toxicity on Arachnida and Myriapoda group of soil micro arthropods in cotton fields of Narsampet mandal, Warangal district
Pages: 33-37  
Evaluation of bio agents against Thrips population on RCH-134 Bt (BG-II)
Pages: 38-40  
Isolation and identification of pathogenic bacteria and its antibacterial susceptibility in edible fish Cirrhinus mrigala
Pages: 41-47  
Oxidative stress and free radicals related to diabetes: A review
Pages: 48-50  
Role of the p53 gene in DNA damage and human cancer
Pages: 51-55  
Biodiversity of freshwater Mitosporic fungi from Thane District, Maharashtra, India – I
Pages: 56-59  
Effect of malathion on some haematological parameters in a fresh water fish, Cyprinus carpio L.
Pages: 60-64  
Physico-chemical of water and species diversity of spirogyra in Tapti pond of Multai
Pages: 65-67  
Effect of germination time duration and processing method (cooking, pressure cooking and microwave cooking) on crude protein content of Mung bean (Vigna radiate)
Pages: 68-70  
The proton release and degree of Mo6+ reduction to Mo4+ as effected by the increase of concentration of formaldehyde in the PEM of 1.5 31211 SMJ8 during the exposure to sunlight
Pages: 71-73  
Effects of endosulfan and quinolphos on carbohydrate metabolism of freshwater fish, Cirrhinus mrigala (Ham)
Pages: 74-76  
Structural and functional annotation of streptococcus pneumonia hypothetical protein – In silico Approach
Pages: 77-81  
Comparative analysis of hematological parameters of Schizothorax niger and Schizothorax esocinus
Pages: 82-85  
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